Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Wall of Frames

I've been seeing these "Wall of Frames" all over the place and I absolutely love them. I really wanted to make one for my dorm room so I did just that (as you can tell since it is now a blog post), but I used very light wooden frames that aren't exactly meant to be picture frames, or maybe they are, but they don't have backing. Either way, I wanted to use these because I knew they'd be easy to hang up with command strips once I move in, and I'm so happy with the way they turned out. 

So let's jump into how I did it!

To start off, you're going to need your frames of choice and either paint or spray paint. If you decide to go with paint, you'll need some brushes and a paper plate as well as a surface to paint on like a magazine, newspaper, or garbage bag (personally I recommend a garbage bag so it doesn't stick), and Mod Podge to seal everything as well as make it glossy. If you decide on spray paint then you'll just need a surface to paint on.

I decided to go with spray paint since I find it much easier to use. I laid out a garbage bag in my backyard (you want to do this somewhere with good ventilation -- outside is best) and weighed down the edges with rocks so that it wouldn't blow away or blow onto the drying paint. I then sprayed each frame with a few even coats of spray paint and left them to dry.

Once your frames are painted and dry, all you need are some pictures to put in them! I found most of my pictures from Tumblr, printed them out, cut them down to size, and use tape to secure them in the back.

And this is the finished product! So simple and quick. 
Let me know if you guys try it out or if you've been as into this "decor trend", if you will, as I am!

Wishing you the best 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Waiting To Be Older

Sometimes I feel like so much of what we do is based on this "future" mentality. We work towards all these goals to get to other goals and it's endless. Not to say making goals, and new ones when you've accomplished the old, is a bad thing; on the contrary, it's a great thing! But sometimes I find myself thinking things like "I wonder what my life will be like", meaning, I wonder what job I'll have, who I'll end up marrying, where I'll be living, etc. And it sounds crazy considering I'm only 18! I mean granted, a full time job will become a reality within a matter of years since I'm in college, but still. I know I'm not the only one that wonders and imagines. 

Recently I read a book, and mind you it was a fiction (of course), but a particular quote really stuck out to me. It's been at least 2-3 weeks since I finished the book (probably more) and I still remember the quote. One of the characters says that it is important to live in the now AND live for the future. She points out that if you only live in the now, then you won't do things that require a more long term effort, and aren't those sometimes the most worthwhile?

Now I know that my initial point and the one above are on opposite sides of the spectrum. On one side I'm saying not to wait for your life to start (you're already living it), and on the other I'm saying that you can't give up on goals and what's yet to come. 

I guess my point is that sometimes there are things in life that happen and it throws you off. I think it's so easy to immediately start thinking of the potential consequences or what it means later down the line, and it can get overwhelming. Life might not go as planned, or as you thought it would, but that's nothing to worry about. It's okay to not have a clue as to where you'll be in 10 years, you're not supposed to know! But the idea is to not work and work and work towards a future, with blinders on to the rest of the world, your supposedly foolproof life plan in mind, and forget to stop and be happy regardless of the bumps that come along. Enjoy the journey because life isn't a race. 

And as much as this is advice for you guys, it's also advice for myself because I by no means have mastered the above either! 

Wishing you the best 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dreaming Of England

So going along with my recent airport post, today I'd like to talk about London, and really England as a whole. 

I've always wanted to visit, but over the past year or so, I've become obsessed with England. The first thing that comes to my mind is my roommate's tumblr "I just want to be British." She's just as, if not more, in love with England as I am. But seriously, in the spirit of her tumblr, I just want to be British. 

A few things at the start of Freshman year got me hooked on this lovely country. First, my student advisor studied abroad in London and was saying how amazing of an experience it was for her. Second, one of my best friends and roommate (same one as mentioned earlier) introduced me to Zoella on YouTube. She's the sweetest, most positive and genuine girl I've ever watched online, and she quickly became a staple in my TV/Netflix/YouTube routine. She also has a blog, so check them both out if you don't already know who she is! But anyway, Zoe is British and she shares a lot of her regular life in her videos. The bits and pieces of Brighton, as well as the culture in general, came off so quaint and right up my ally. Third, being a planner by nature, I started looking up potential study abroad programs (even though I won't be going until my Junior year...haha looking at other peoples study abroad pictures gets you excited okayy!) and two in particular caught my eye because they have options for my major (PR) AND they include a guaranteed internship, which is awesome. And those two locations? London and Sydney. I'd be more than lucky to go to either, but London has a hold on my heart, and here's to hoping I'll get accepting into the program next year! 

So since I have a year and a half until I'll be studying abroad, but I was already so ready to go, I decided to put my positive energy into more planning (shocker). I read through a ton of articles that had titles like "Must Do Things in London!" and "Top (insert number here) Must See Places in London!" Based on those articles, and blog posts by various British online personalities, I came up with a London Bucket List. It includes places to eat, places to visit, night time activities, things to NOT waste your money on, etc. Now, I would post the list for those of you going abroad soon, but I feel like it's not completely finished and I'll want to edit it quite a few times before my own study abroad trip. BUT to help you out, I'm going to leave you with a link to one of the most comprehensive lists that I found: 101 Things To Do In London

Also, here's a link to a guy that did all of the activities, and it's great because he tells you what he thinks about each so you can get an idea of which ones are worth while! 
Photos courtesy of NeiljsGrand Parc - Bordeaux, France, and Harshil Shah respectively.

Wishing you the best