Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trader Joe's Grocery Haul

I recently made a trip to Trader Joe's and picked up some things for my dorm room! I'm not normally super hungry in the mornings, or hungry enough to go to the dining hall, so I'll usually eat a granola bar on my way to class; this explains why the majority of what I bought is bars and cereal. I also picked up some snacks that are dorm friendly aka don't expire too quickly, easy to eat, etc.

Produce items like apples and bananas I can just take from the dining hall, so there's no need for me to buy any from the grocery store (YAY for saving money! Kinda...)

Fun Fact: I really enjoy going food shopping. Is that strange? Dreaming of the year I'll have a kitchen while at school.

What are your favorite things to snack on?

Wishing you the best 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn Lovin'

I feel like as little kids our favorite season was summer -- no hesitations -- because after all, what is more torturous to a 7 year old than school? Summer = no school = a little kid's dream. I can't deny that summer will always be a magical season in that sense; it's all about relaxation and having fun. What's not to love?

Over the years my answer to "what's your favorite season?" has changed, and I am very enthusiastic about my love for the fall. It's even starting to smell like fall! (Quick shoutout to Bath and Body Works for making the most perfect scents to capture this time of year). Just the thought of sweaters, scarves, crunchy and colorful leaves, cozy nights in, and the holidays makes me so happy! Oh and I can't forget Starbucks peppermint mochas (I know peppermint is more winter than fall, but hey it's great! And I know pumpkin spice is the expected answer). 

It's been getting a bit more crisp, which is such a relief after a swelling first week of classes, and I'm already pulling out some of my fall favorites! Bring on the dark nails and berry lips! 

I've also been dying to go apple picking for months and I believe I'll be going sometime in October (cross your fingers). I think the process of apple picking, and the entire environment of it, is so lovely. The orchards are beautiful and you can have some nice apple cider when you're done (or an apple cider doughnut!).

I wish I could find the words to show how excited I am, but I really can't. Just imagine giddiness, lots of jumping up and down, and endless energy for autumn adventures! 

Nail Polish: Maybelline Color Show in Dressed to Kill (#270)
Lipstick: CoverGirl LipPerfection LipColor in Euphoria (#360)

Let me know if there are any Autumn themed posts you'd like to see!

Wishing you the best 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School Bag Essentials

From experience, these are the items that I find myself needing most when walking around campus or throughout the day at school. They're obviously not necessary, but nothing is worse than brutally chapped lips in the middle of a long lecture (or worse, a growling stomach), getting your monthly gift while out and about, being in desperate need of cash for whatever reason, etc -- you get the picture. Stick all these in a little pouch, throw it in your school bag, and you're good to go! Crisis averted.

Gum, oil blotting sheets, 20 dollars (emergency money), feminine products, hand sanitizer, lip balm, comb, hair ties, sample size or rollerball perfume, headphones, granola bar.

The comb and rollerball aren't pictured because I seem to have misplaced them!

Wishing you the best 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sophomore Year Dorm Tour

Sophomore year, here we go.

Wishing you the best 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Accessory or Gadget?

I've only ever used the free pair of Apple headphones that you get with iPods, iPhones, and what not. They work well enough and since I'm not a runner I didn't need to worry about finding more legit headphones that would securely stay in my ear (anyone else agree that the Apple ones just fall right out even when you're not doing anything?). 

I had been seeing quite a few people indulge in Frends headphones recently, but I honestly knew nothing about the brand or quality of their products. All I knew was that they were the most stylish headphones I had ever seen. After doing some research, I found out that one of the ideas behind Frends was to make headphones that could essentially be accessories, which makes perfect sense. 

The best part is that style does not come at the sacrifice of quality. I decided to splurge on a pair myself, and after finding this pair in collaboration with We Are Handsome, it was a lost cause for my wallet.They're genuinely extremely well made headphones that do everything you'd want and expect them to (especially for the price): cancel out noise, give great sound, fit comfortably, etc. One aspect that is perfect for me is that they're small enough to fit my head! I have quite a small head and that's usually a problem for me with things like hats and headphones and what not. Two huge thumbs up for Frends!

Wishing you the best